Tintype installation

An attractive variant of installation is Floating plate.

The plate is mounted on a small piece of wood (aprox. 7x4x3 cm). Wood stick has a drilled hole on one side
and a double side tape on the other side, which is used for mounting the wooden stick on the plate.

If you want use this kind of installation for 18x24 cm plate bought directly on my web page,
just sent me with the order an email and I will send you a ready to use 
wooden stick in a separate package for free.


Plates can be installed as an every photography, in the frame with a matte paper. In comparison to silver prints are collodion positive plates darker. The bright parts of the picture on the plate are created by reflections of the light from pure silver particles. For this reason, plates should be installed not far from a light source. Because the plate is covered by the final varnish layer, there is no need to install it under a glass. 


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