New tintypes with Ferdinand's Splendid Adventures

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Photo Shoot For Playboy

As everybody who's had this kind of experience can confirm, working with a genius is never easy or straightforward. Ferdinand is, no doubt, the most clever man I've ever met. His talents are widespread from art and architecture on one side to the cardinal political questions of nowadays on the other. If you want to talk or learn something new about nuances of Marina Abramović art, perspectives of EU after Brexit or a training plan for the decathlon, Ferdinand will be glad to share his expertise with you.

The Moment When Ferdinand Get An Idea For The Bridge

Photo sessions with Ferdinand are everything but boring or banal. Ferdinand's creative mind has an irresistible need to shape the final appearance. There is a lot of quarrels, but if I as a photographer want to be in this process something more than just a tool in Ferdinand's hands, neverending fighting for some space is the only way. 

Walking To Tate Modern

We are usually finishing with five or more plates from one session and after drying and varnishing of the plates follow hours of discussion about the final selection. Editing or the final photo selection is a big part of every photographer experience. In our case, the final selection is sometimes a compromise on both sides and sometimes just a result of tiredness and resignation of one of us. 

Ferdinand On An Exotic Holiday

As I wrote in a previous blog, we are still looking for a writer. But, it was the last Friday, when Ferdinand suggested, that the book can be just a photography book with a minimum of words. Frankly, I'm not sure at this moment. There is a lot of work ahead of us and there is the time to make the final decision. Maybe you, dear reader, can help us. What kind of book about Ferdinand the Brave and his Splendid Adventures would you prefer? 


link to gallery Splendid Adventures of Ferdinand the Brave


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