Splendid Adventures of Ferdinand the Brave

June 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

Nobody can remember that moment, the exact time when Ferdinand for the first time appeared in our house. Nobody knows, who of us and for what reason brought him here. I'm sure, that he is living with us for years, but that is all.

We had been living together, but we had never talked too much. Maybe a few words about weather, football or politics. Everything has changed a month ago. I needed to test my phone camera and as it happened, the only available person at that time was Ferdinand. So I made a series of portraits of him, using my Lumia phone.


A photo from the first photo session with Ferdinand

I don't know why, but for me, it is absolutely impossible not to talk with people during a photo session. It turned out that Ferdinand has a very charming personality and he is a great storyteller. His life in the years before he came to our house was full of unthinkable adventures and Ferdinand can talk about them in a very seductive way.

I was fascinated. We have spent a lot of time together since then and I decided to create illustrations of some moments from his stories. It is a big pleasure that we can work together on a regular basis. Our ambition is to re-create scenes from his adventures in a realistic way, preferring trueness before sensation.

Every one of us has a blind spot. For Ferdinand, it is writing. He is a great teller, but with a pen in his hand, he is losing his confidence and his writings are in better moments schematic and unbelievable. At the worst parts, they are just boring.  So we are looking for a writer, who will be eager to work with us. I believe that with some luck we will find a publisher for a book of Ferdinand's Splendid Adventures.

We were talking with Ferdinand more than once, discussing the best way to make this photo series. In his own words, Ferdinand hates an unbearable literality and machine-like perfection of digital photography. One day I showed him my landscape works from Holgalities series. He looked at them carefully, bent over the table, with just his eyes skipping from plate to plate. After two or three minutes he stood up, pointed his finger and said: This is the way.


Gallery with Ferdinand's Splendid Adventures



Really great series. I am enjoying this very much!
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