Why photographs of flowers? Don't you have something really important to do or talk about?

March 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

We have nasty days here in Slovakia. Sleeping monsters of our history arise and spreads over the country like dark clouds before a storm. After the last weekend election, a neo-nazi party will be a part of our parliament. And by neo-nazi, I don't mean something like National Front in France. These are guys, who like to show themselves in uniforms of the militia of the WW2 Slovak State, at that time an obedient puppy of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.


Tulips In A VaseTulips In A VaseContact print from 18x24 cm film negative
Photographic paper on a baryta paper base, matted in 24x30 cm matt.


These are difficult times, not just for our country. Europe is going to break down into islands of isolated despair. And when you look over Ocean, even there you can see rapidly growing extremes, much worse than any yesterday's nightmares. So, why flowers?

Any art can be used as a kind of escape from reality, but it is never just an escape. It is here not to help as to forget difficulties of our life, but to change our perception of our everyday experience. To develop our ability to see the world beyond the flashy moments of ours busy days. 


This series of tulips was made with a large format film negative and here are scans of contact prints from these negatives. Flowers were lightened with the north light from a window. I have spent with them four days and made a few more variants, but just these three survived. 

There can't be a bigger satisfaction for a photographer as when somebody buys your work, hangs it on the wall and lives with it. Not just seconds on the web page, or a minute in the gallery, but day after day, for months and years, she or he is walking around your work and intentionally, or unconsciously, is talking with it. With you. 



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