Drying Tulips photographed with Polaroid in nine days.

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The proposition of this project was pretty simple - to capture a bouquet of tulips in a nine day period with one picture per day made at the some time. Maybe it is because of my age, but I tend more and more to try to find a reason (and a beauty) in the inevitable fact that with age things deteriorate. From my car to myself, the story is the same. A gradual retreat, scars and wrinkles, fragility instead of power. 

From my previous experiences with Fuji polaroid film I know how sensible they are to the changes of the color of light, so I wrote every day a note about the weather condition:  

Day 1 - Cloudy day
Day 2 - Very dark cloudy day with rain
Day 3 - Sunny day with clouds on the sky
Day 4 - Clear blue sky but the Sun is behind a cloud
Day 5 - Sunny day, clear sky
Day 6 - Sunny day with some very high thin clouds
Day 7 - A dark, cloudy day with a rain
Day 8 - White clouds with small patches of the blue sky
Day 9 - A dark, rainy day

I worked with Polaroid Land 180 camera. I needed tripod mount, F4.5 and a  manual time - aperture setting were a huge advantage. My target was to hold the dark cloth on the socket without texture and I used the vase as a tonality benchmark. I usually made two exposures with a half  stop change in exposure settings after drying and color stabilization. 

Dark and cloudy days are the best for this kind of still lifes. Fujifilm FP 100C can respond to certain lights in a strange way as I noted when I was making early morning photographs on Liptov. In this series the day four was very special - the whole sky was in clear blue, but the Sun was totally covered with a thick cloud. Resulted photo was a surprise. I could wait for changing of the light, but I decided not - it would be a kind of cheating, like changing the composition dried tulips in the day eight.

I placed this project for sale o Artfinder. You can find a bigger preview of all nine photographs there

Drying Tulips GIF


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