Bratislava project: Lost plates, broken camera and some results.

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How to broke an old wooden camera? It is not so complicated. Just wait for a sudden wind blow. It happens a few hour ago. The camera is in repair, broken parts glued. Lens is without harm, so hopefully the accident will be without other consequences. 


Traffic Jam Before Christmas. It was a very dark day, measured EV 11. With F 5.6 I exposed for 28 minutes. I played a lot with the back camera plate to fit into a very shallow DOF detail in the foreground and the poster and building in the background. I like here the blurred row of cars, flowing through the dark city like a river of light .


I have got now around twenty plates from Bratislava. This is still, in some way, just a beginning of the project. A lot of things are still open or uncertain, but one point is clear. For every finished plate, there are two or three new ideas. In this phase, the project is growing exponentially. I hope it will settle down, but maybe it will clear out later than I expected.   


Slovak Nation Gallery. An example of a radical architecture from seventies. Very uncompromising project of Vladimír Dedeček has created one of the most interesting places here in Bratislava. The building is closed for six years, waiting for a reconstruction, which will hopefully start this year. Picture was made in changing light condition, exposure 24 minutes with F8 - F16. I used here very fresh collodion and as a result have to print on contrast paper. 


As usually, there are some wins and there are some losses. Broken camera today. Two plates badly underexposed. Three other plates damaged by stupid mistakes. The price for the most stupid mistake takes bathing of an exposed plate before developing not in still water, but in hypo. 


Winter scenery with St Nicholas' Church under the castle. F16 and 24 minutes exposure ​


There is more and more light every day, but sill, the best time for photography is around noon. I have a new plate holder so I will be able to walk city with four plates. Will see how it will work. You know, there are days when the light is very special and you can see (and show) things as never before.   


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