Dark day by a mountain lake.

September 24, 2015  •  2 Comments

It was a windy and cloudy day. Long hours of walking, three hours of shooting and as a result just two plates I can use. Sometimes I have an insistent feeling, that the walking mountains with wet plates is the most irrational thing I have ever done. 

Hincovo pleso is the biggest and deepest mountain lake in High Tatras sierra. Surrounded by the jagged ridge it can be a landscapist dream. (I made there a title photo for my book about High Tatras sierra). The lake is frozen for two-thirds of a year, so you need a bit of luck to be there and find the lake in its the best mood.

This was not that day. Clouds covered the whole sky and wind was strong and perseverant. I love this dark and brutal face of mountains but is not so trivial to capture it with any camera. 

Black and white photography is in a big advantage in these conditions and wet plates with their idiosyncratic transformation of colours into the grey scale are maybe even better the film negative. I made seven plates that day, but just two or three of them will survive. Harsh conditions and maybe some fatigue caused goofs and blunders on plates with an irritating regularity. 

It was a very long day, with a long walk and not very plentiful crop. But I love every moment of it. And plates from this day are special for me. But how they work for you? Are they in your eyes just a crappy, technically imperfect attempts, or have I managed to capture in them the raw and so intensive beauty of that day? Let me know.

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Juro Kovacik
Thank you, Julie. Wet plates are a big refresh in my photography.
Julie Stone
Your plates tell a story, more than just what the subject of the image is, but also the irregularities of your process tell the story of what the conditions were like at that place. Something a standard photograph can't communicate, and I think that's beautiful.
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