Catching the Light in West Tatras sierra

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A lot of people think that landscape photography is very quite and slow experience. For somebody it is like meditation, for some other it is simply boring. There can be a bit of true about these prejudices. Indeed, trees, creeks or mountains are not moving, they are not running anywhere. But as a photographer you are working with the light. When you are working in a country in a cloudy day, your scenery will be in a flow of patches of light and shadow moving in fast and not easy predictable way. 

Landscape photography is always a combination of plans, skills, and coincidences.  With wet plate it is a true even more. You need 5 minutes to prepare the plate and after that you can wait for 10 minutes for the light you want. 


This waterfall is maybe 20 meters high and is located in West Tatras sierra. In both plates is the sunlight in the foreground in combination with shadow and darker clouds in background. The panoramic format of plates composed in a vertical orientation is ideal for emphasizing this near - far relationship.

I like the contrast of these two plates. The waterfall plate is a bucolic, pleasant nature scenery. The scrub pine with main foreground lines in the horizontal orientation is a darker and more dramatic plate. It was the last plate of the day, with just a short beam of sunlight lightening the roots. 

You can find plates in Holgalities gallery


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