18 tips for better landscapes and money saving

September 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

These few tips may help every landscape photographer, regardless of the kind of camera he or she is working with. I paid my price to learn them and hope they will help you. 

1. Your eye, your mind, and your heart are much more important than your photo equipment

2. General rule for every photographer. Want to improve your photography? Visit galleries 

3. Not so obvious hint for landscape photographers: Study works of abstract painters. Composition, lines, structures, and textures, that is what great landscapes are about 

4. Light is what you are working with. You don't need a breath taking gigantic scenery to make a great landscape photo  

5. Know the country you are portraiting

6. Walk the country you are portraiting

7. The best time for landscapes: Hours, when your shadow is longer than you 

8. The safe way is to hold the Sun behind your shoulders line. Try to break this rule from time to time, but not very often

9. The greatest sky is in the right angle to the Sun 

10. You need tripod not just for long time exposures, but for the precise composition too

11. Plan ahead. The Photographer's Ephemeris is a priceless tool for every landscapist

12. Visit the same places again and again. One in the life trip to Antarctica will be an adventure, but you will not make your best photos there

13. People love landscapes with water 

14. You don’t need a great lake for water reflection landscape

15. Look for S shapes

16. Don't use zoom, use your legs

17. Try to walk country with just one lens

18. Don't spend money for new equipment. Spend them for traveling, for books, or buy some free time for yourself, time to do things you love


If you have any question, objection or appendix to these points, don't hesitate to post them in comments


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