Morning with wet plate landscapes and the lost trust in photography

July 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

Before sunrise This was the first sunny morning I've had in Liptov. I'm here for two weeks with a vague plan to make some landscapes, just know that some of these works will be made aside of my long term series. These two weeks are for me like to be on a vacation. And there can't be, for a landscape photographer, a better vacation then making of pictures in the country he knows and loves.

Hm, maybe I should admit, that my planes are pretty well defined. I have made a lot of photographs here in my digital era, with hope to make a book. It did never happen. So or so, it is very interesting to return with wet plate camera to places I know so well.

Daily works before varnishing Lot of people, lot of photographers I know don't trust in photography anymore. Wet plates don't pretend that they are a realistic copy of reality. Every photography is a transformation of the world around us, but modern, digital cameras are very clever in disguise it. Making of wet plates is for me a ritual, kind of celebration of photography. Returning back to basic you can rediscover fundamentals  and maybe find something. If not faith or a hope, then, at least, a dream. 

Photography can change the way we see the world around us. Sometimes I'm trying to imagine, how it was, when photography was young, simple and humble medium. How people had seen the world around them, flowers, country, how they had seen each other. How they had seen themselves.   

The first thing I wanted to make this morning was a sunrise sequence with Holga panoramic. Just to capture how rising Sun is unveiling and shining the country. Her is a short video about making of the first plate from sequence, it was around 6 a.m.

I like summer early mornings, when temperature is still in a normal range. In high temperatures can wet plate chemicals behave very strange. I made two plates with 18x24 cm camera, when around 9 a.m. everything start deteriorate. I returned to the base and cleaned everything what can be cleaned and filtered everything, that can be filtered.
The second video was made just before everything went into free fall. You can note, that every plate of this day was made with a little help of my two friends. 


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