Mirrors and photographer’s guilty pleasures

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was under the weather the last week, so instead of traveling with my portable darkbox around Maly Dunaj River I decided to stay with mirrors and flowers in the safety of my studio. I wrote about my obsession with mirrors a week ago. Sunny days with a lot of sharp light helped me to produce images with very high contrast and it was easy to separate the black background. I started the week with a visit to Ikea shop, where I bought  these  hexagon  mirrors.


Tree and Mirrors, the view from a studio window.  Another, winter view of the window is here. In this sunny spring day the exposure was 12 and 15 seconds with F11. Mirrors are diminished light they are reflecting, around one stop is a good thumb rule.  The sharper is the angle of reflection, the bigger is the light decrease. 


Orchid and Mirrors IV, V. Mirrors in the left picture are used just to draw some lines, in the right picture they produce maybe not fifty, but definitely some levels of gray. The first picture was made with a 12 second exposure and fully open lens at F4.5. Some flowers are a bit unsharp and because of that they are literally shining. With the second picture I used F11 with exposure 72 seconds.


Orchid And Mirrors II. Again a 12 second exposure with fully open lens. Made on Tuesday, the worst day of the week. I was not able to hold concentration and had a lot of technical problems. I clean all plates I made that day, this only one passed. 


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