The day when nothing works

March 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

There are days when nothing is working as supposed. This one was the last day from the period of nice sunny early spring days. Sky was full of very high light clouds with the sun penetrating through, a definitive proof that the weather was going to change and rainy days were incoming. I use that day shooting around Maly Dunaj river, which is winding in a country a half hour drive distance from my home

Part of landscape photography is about choosing from endless possibilities. And that is ever more true when you are doing wet plate landscapes, the less flexible and portable way of making photos I know.  My planned route was closed for maintenance. After some straying I stopped by the river on the edge of a village. I was not sure about the spot. There was a noisy cement factory near by and the river bank was pretty dirty. But something fell into my eye, trees and a bridge. Not sure about it, I went back to the car and drive away. But that something was working in my head. After a few kilometers I turned the car around and return to the river by the cement factory. 

I began with the picture of trees on the opposite side of the river. I measured the light before shooting with both light meter and UV light meter, compare light condition with my notes from previous days and overexposed the first plate much more than one STOP. Even the second plate was a bit overexposed. Perplexed by that I started to destroy the plates scratching them by plate holder. (As I realized, the new bunch of plates is narrower by one milimeter.) And there was wind. It was exactly at that level, when it is not enough to give up, package things and return home, but more the enough to make you anxious and occupy your mind with pictures of the falling darkroom boxSo there I was, unsure about the spot, with my light metering theory in ruins, unable to make a clean plate.

After few hours of struggling I took a short break. I have the last one plate from the old batch and I know that this one must be a score. I tried to clean my head form pictures I made, from anxiety, factory noise, light meter fail, destroyed plates, wind. I placed the camera exactly at the point where I came in the morning for the first time and took the picture of the scenery which hold me there. There it is.


The plate is for sale on Etsy


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