New works in Bratislava on dry plates project

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This soft winter is full of wet and cloudy days. Winter in the city without snow has only one advantage. December and January are the only months when you can take pictures at the noon.


This is the facade of an old Park of the culture here in Bratislava. It is going to be demolished in the process of Dunaj river bank development. Not he great architecture, but a lot of memories are going to be buried together with this building. 
It was a cloudy day so with 30 minutes exposure I can use just F11. 


Dusan Jurkovic was a great Slovak architect, who was working in time between world wars. Here is his statue, situated in front of an oversized and overbuilt River Park, which is a part of new Dunaj bank development. 
There was some Sun during exposure, so I can use F16. I bent the back side of the camera to shift the focus plane on the left side from the foreground to the background.


The new building of National bank is here in Bratislava one of the best piece of architecture from the last twenty years. This city is driven by two forces. One of them is greediness, but in this building, the desire to create beauty has won. 
Cold winter sunlight was ornamented with a steam rising from a chimney in the bottom part of the building. The dark mark at the right bottom was burned by the Sun, which were reflecting from the glass facade. 


It is not easy to understand, why is this great and important Freedom Square looks today as a romantic version of New York ghetto in 70-ies. The Fountain Of Friendship is one of the most prominent symbols of the architecture of the socialism period. It looks that today we don't know if we should demolish it or accept and renew it. So we just let it decline.
In the background is the new National bank building. In the left is a part of Post office end telecom ministry. Perfectly balanced functional gem was finished in 1952, in the time of very rigorous communist. Functionalism was banned and there were plans to rebuild the facade of the building in Stalin's Barocco style. Gladly, they were not realized. 


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