In the city with a large format camera and a mobile phone.

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In the beginning of the Bratislava project was a simple idea. If the photography has the power to define how we see, how we perceive the world around us, then it may be interesting to look at our world through the lenses of an old camera and an obsolete process.

Collodion glass negatives are at the beginning of the photography as a mass medium. At the opposite end of the history of photography are mobile phone photos. When I'm working with a large format camera, I like to make a kind of documentary in situ shots with a mobile. 

When you place side by side contact prints from glass negatives and snapshots from a mobile phone, it is a strange and maybe a disturbing comparison. What we have gained and what we have lost on the way. 


The link to Bratislava project

Making pictures against the Sun is always a risky business. I wanted details in shadows, so I increased the exposure by a half of a stop. With  F8 I had to tilt a back side of camera horizontally to hold a whole bridge in a relative focus. Exposure 10 minutes. There were very high thin clouds, the sunlight created shadows. Measured EV14


I made two plates here, wanted to create a series, but had destroyed the second plate in developing. It was a clean sunny day before noon, EV 15. The sun was behind my left shoulder. With F11 was exposure 6 minutes.


A sunny-cloudy day. With incoming clouds, EV was decreasing from 14 to 12. With this plate, the very strong wind kicked my camera down in the second minute of a 15 minutes exposure. It was a happy accident. I managed to catch the camera before it fell on the ground. And I like resulted picture. 


Another picture made in contra light. The Sun was at the two o'clock position not so far from the top border of the frame. Measured EV was 14.66 and with F11 I exposed for 8 minutes. It was more the enough. Developing time was just five minutes. A mystical fog over the bridge is an outcome of lens flare.  


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