Is landscape photography just a decoration, a calendar illustration?

October 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After series of rainy days, there was again an opportunity to go in the forest with wet plate Holga. Walking the hills I was asking myself why I'm giving so much energy into the capturing of mountains, rivers, trees. Are not there a lot of more important, more interesting things we should talk about? War, suffering, hope, love? What is the meaning of a photography, which is not only without a human face but without any sign or clue of human existence?

The beauty (reason, order, art) of landscape does exist just in human eyes and minds. Our ability to perceive, to recognize, to appreciate the beauty (reason, order, art) in the world around us is one of the characteristic elements of men. It is not born ability. We have to learn it and we learn it through arts. Landscape photography is a part of the cultural code we use for the interpretation and the adoption of the world around us. A landscape photographer is a code writer. A mind programmer. 


The forest of Male Karpaty sierra is dying. Partly by age, partly by our greediness. Big areas of old forests are gone with just a few remaining trees. They are majestic and gorgeous even in their death. Without leaves and with broken branches, they rise above country. Like gigantic signs of exclamation drawn on the sky by a calligraphist. I made one version against the sun, with a fraction of a second exposure. 


It was a very quiet day, with just an occasional blow of a wind. With a bit of luck, I was able to make this plate of a tree with sharp dry leaves. The Sun was again directly behind the tree, dissolved in a thin layer of clouds. 


A chaotic pattern of a young forest is an endless source of themes. In this kind of pictures, you have to ask, how much, or how consistently should you hunt for a clean, simple motive without distractions. There is a risk, that the result would be like a photo from a comercial. Or you can try to use these distractions, this apparent chaos as the main component of the composition. It's an unsafe game. These bright spots on the top would not be bearable without the black frame of the plate.


The last plate of the day with a path under trees is without experiments. I like to finish the day with a very classic composition and a clean plate. Like to have a traditional song at the end of a rock show. 


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