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New tintypes with Ferdinand's Splendid Adventures

July 18, 2016
Photo Shoot For Playboy As everybody who's had this kind of experience can confirm, working with a genius is never easy or straightforward. Ferdinand is, no doubt, the m...
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Summer selection of tintypes

July 04, 2016
Summer selection of tintypes you can buy in next two months with 20 percent discount. Taking a Refreshing Swim Link
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Splendid Adventures of Ferdinand the Brave

June 24, 2016
Nobody can remember that moment, the exact time when Ferdinand for the first time appeared in our house. Nobody knows, who of us and for what reason brought him here. I'm...
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Large format photography in the time of tightening security

April 27, 2016
When I'm working in the city with a large format camera I like to talk with people who are walking around. About my old wooden camera, state of photography, city developm...
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Landscapes with large format sheet film and increasing of depth of field.

April 05, 2016
After working two years with wet and dry collodion plates I take a short break and spent a few days before Eastern on Liptov, a North part of Slovakia, working with sheet...
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Why photographs of flowers? Don't you have something really important to do or talk about?

March 07, 2016
We have nasty days here in Slovakia. Sleeping monsters of our history arise and spreads over the country like dark clouds before a storm. After the last weekend election,...
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Drying Tulips photographed with Polaroid in nine days.

February 11, 2016
The proposition of this project was pretty simple - to capture a bouquet of tulips in a nine day period with one picture per day made at the some time. Maybe it is becaus...
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Bratislava project in cold January

January 27, 2016
Sometimes it is not easy to work with a big format camera in the city. But there is, at least, one big advantage. Walking streets with a tripod and wooden camera and usin...
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Bratislava project: Lost plates, broken camera and some results.

January 13, 2016
How to broke an old wooden camera? It is not so complicated. Just wait for a sudden wind blow. It happens a few hour ago. The camera is in repair, broken parts glued. Len...
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How to make dry collodion negatives on glass plates

January 11, 2016
This is the first version of recipes, that can be used for preparation on developing of dry collodion plates. The impulse for going in this way was the Bratislava projec...
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Bratislava project on Google Maps and a video about the project made for .tyzden magazine

January 01, 2016
Video made for.tyzden magazine Project link
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New works in Bratislava on dry plates project

December 21, 2015
This soft winter is full of wet and cloudy days. Winter in the city without snow has only one advantage. December and January are the only months when you can take pictur...
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In the city with a large format camera and a mobile phone.

December 07, 2015
In the beginning of the Bratislava project was a simple idea. If the photography has the power to define how we see, how we perceive the world around us, then it may be i...
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Dry plates and Bratislava project.

November 28, 2015
How survive winter with wet plate collodion photography? And how to work with big format camera in the city? These two questions were in my mind for the last months. I w...
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Tintypes are the 19th century Polaroids. And what about 20th century Polaroids?

November 05, 2015
There are tree points why I love to work with tintypes. One of them is that it give an instant, in site result. That moment when you are in the field and you can see, how...
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