A never-ending stream of pictures flowing from our screens diminishes the importance of every next shoot. Still, photography is a powerful medium. Photographs can form the way how we see, how we perceive the world, how we understand people around us, how we see and understand ourselves.

The automation of photography has shifted the main role in the creation process from the photographer to the camera. Returning back to hand-made photographs can help us to rediscover fundamentals and maybe find something. If not faith, if not hope, then, at least, a dream.

I studied photography at Academy of Fine in 1990 but drop after two years. In 2009 left office work and has worked as an independent photographer and as an editor of an online magazine about contemporary art hentak.sk. Has published a book about High Tatry sierra.

Living in Bratislava, Slovakia.

I'm available and like to travel and make photos outside of my studio.  



Interview for Phoblographer.com about Holgalities project


Video about Bratislava project for .tyzden (weekly) Slovak magazine









Radio FM Interview

PENA DNI_FM 2.12.2015 by Rádio_Fm on Mixcloud





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About wet plate process - tintypes

Collodion process was discovered in 1851. The aluminium plate is coated with collodion, sensitized with silver nitrate bath, exposed, developed, fixed, washed and finally varnished with lavender varnish. Every plate is original and can't be reprinted. Collodion process is very complicated and there are often marks, dots or scratch in the final picture as a part of picture identity. Please, check large picture for detailed view. A final picture on the plate is covered and protected by varnishing.

Plates are sold unmatted and unframed 


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